This video is about online shopping scam | how you can shop like a pro! | Learn All About How To Shop Like A Pro | 12 Ways How To Shop Like A Pro Can Improve Your Shopping Experience
The Truth About Shopping Scam Revealed. 5 Reasons Why You Should Check Before Online Shopping | 12 Awesome Things You Can Learn About Online Shopping. | Five Brilliant Ways To Avoid Shopping Scam.

Providing the information regarding online shopping scam and People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online
People Who Did online shopping For The First Time or People Who Had The Worst experience with online shopping or How can I tell if an eCommerce website is genuine?

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Covering Topics

1.Contact details
2.Customer feedback
3. Look and Feel
4. Website encryption measures
5.Google Safe Browsing
6. Whois lookup
7. Is the website asking for unnecessary information?
8. Alexa Ranking
9. Unusually low prices
10.No Reviews
11. Check Documentation
12. Social media Marketing

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