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I’ve made this video for quick awareness if you keen to know more about Cursed Wallpaper, please link the below for more details


How THIS wallpaper kills your phone | Cursed Wallpaper | Crazy Hacks with Zayn Ahmed, A ‘cursed’ wallpaper could crash your phone with its color profile, Google thinks it has solved the mystery of the cursed, Wallpaper crash explained: Here’s how a simple image can soft-brick phones, ‘Cursed’ wallpaper image reportedly crashes Samsung, Google, other phones A wallpaper destroys a smartphone

Wallpaper Link – https://hdqwalls.com/wallpaper/1280×2120/sunset-at-st-mary-lake-glacier-national-park-5k

How This wallpaper kills Your phone The main issue right here is that SystemUI only handles sRGB images for the wallpaper and doesn’t have any check against non-sRGB wallpapers.

This can lead to a particular crash in the ImageProcessHelper class, as a variable used to access an array goes over the array bounds. For reference,


This variable is called y, and it’s the sum of the current scanned pixel RGB values.
This pixel is obtained from scanning every row and column of the greyscaled picture surface.
Every time we get a pixel, we assign to y the sum of its RGB values (usually max is 255) and
use said variable to access an element of the histogram array (which size is 256 max) and do stuff with said element. Now, for normal greyscaled images the sum of RGB values is always 255, but this is no normal image.
The variable y goes over 255, and it generates an out of bounds exception (an exception in SysUI is treated as fatal, leading to an infinite loop of crashes because the image gets processed every time SysUI starts).
Now, one solution could be to add a check after y is assigned a value that basically sets y to 255 if it ever goes over the max bound.

This actually works, but we get worse quality for some reason.

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